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The critical challenge of climatic change, calls for an extraordinary vision: in governance, leadership and wisdom, throughout the world. The ever-expanding urbanization, with the accelerated pace of development, exerts pressure, on our ecology and biodiversity. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, the cumulative action of Greenhouse gases (GHGs), has impacted our earths’ ecosystem, with an unexpected rise in global average temperature, leading to accelerated polar ice melting, and enhanced sea level rising. Global warming threatens the Small Island Developing States and habitations, and alongside, the coastal areas. The consciousness has come through, in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is waiting to be full-fledged and ready to be introduced, as a binding agreement, from 2020. Accordingly, we need to call on stakeholders and companies to work, on an integrated sustainable ecosystem management, to enable the gross benefit, to be shared, to bridge the socio-economic gap, generating employment, for diverse livelihood alternatives.

Everain Global Services is set up to assist, on a wide spectrum, and provide expert consultation services, in coherence, with the characterization, assessment, quantification and management of risk and opportunities, and alongside develop, a sustainable business relationship, with the natural environment, for a climate resilient ecosystem, for large scale public and private enterprises.

Everain Global Service offers, advanced technical and policy expertise, with respect to handling and conducting business operations, for clients from different public & private enterprises.

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