Low Carbon Development Strategy

Energy efficiency deserves critical focus, for any business, to ensure that it can reduce its overheads and create, an affirmative environmental impact. Energy strategies and policies are vital, to ensure an organizations’ focus on short, medium and long term carbon reduction goals, maximizing return on investment.

A well-written policy, combined with a dynamic and effective strategy, will allow an organization, to identify simple, low or no cost solutions, to improving energy efficiency. It will also ensure, a look in detail, at more innovative, energy saving actions and investment planning. A plan should tie in, with an organization’s goals and aspirations, in order to reduce the overheads, without investing much capital or staff time.

Our strategic advisory service can assist in transforming any policy and/or strategy, from being a theory to a reality.

Our Strategic Advisory Services, include:

  • Energy policy (helping to review and set aims, objectives and targets)
  • Energy strategy (working to develop an energy action plan to deliver policy objectives)
  • Investment program support
  • Procurement support
  • Facilities support

A well thought through carbon reduction plan and its efficient implementation, can facilitate an organization, to develop a real competitive edge, by cutting overheads and boosting profit margins. Typically, paybacks can be expected, within one to two years, on many of the solutions, which represent an excellent rate of return.

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