We provide forestry resource assessment, planning, monitoring and management services, to demonstrate, our client commitment, to responsible forestry. Our specialized inputs, serve an extensive range of patrons, which include, manufactures, exporters, industries, government, public community groups and also private land-owners.

Manufacturers and Exporters

We offer our specialized services, which are customized both to Indian, as well as overseas manufacturers and exporters. We also help our clients, to manage their operations, to perform, in accordance to standard certifications, to carry on business, under sustainable supply chains and to tackle the risks, related to legal and regulatory guidelines.

Mining and Exploration

We offer our tailored services, to manage environmental footprints, of mining industries, enabling them to perform, responsible mining, in compliance to legal regulations.

Energy Sector

Energy is procured at a significant cost to a company. We help our clients to improve their efficiency, performance, opportunity, and growth in their energy related aspects.

Aquaculture and Fisheries

We offer the entire spectrum of consultancy services, for farm owners and supply chain companies; from a fish farm site assessment, to project design planning, execution and management, to meet the criteria of sustainable fishery certification.

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