Green Investment

Our green investment service, can help our client, make the right decisions, in the investment market and in the right project. In order to identify and suggest the best green investments opportunities, we operate directly, with the important players in our market zone, enabling our clients, to invest in reliable and profitable ventures.

Our Services:

Based on your preferences, we offer two approaches, to managing your investments

Green Investment Advisory Service

  • In case you like to involve yourself directly, in ongoing study and decisions, which would affect your investment portfolio, you can provide our advisors, a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, in your investment decisions and in turn, would be provided, the best professional advice and service.

Discretionary Investment Management

  • In case, you prefer, you could also outsource the investment decision making, to our world-class money managers, specially appointed expert personals, trained in their disciplines. The client would have his own advisor, who would help him, to build and manage the portfolio, according to individual specifications.

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