Livelihood and Community Development

The primary goal of our ‘Livelihood and Community Development Program’, is to develop the life skills of the communities and to empower them, to overcome social, economic and environmental challenges, thus, enabling them to adapt to the changing environment.

Our Services

  • Market led Livelihoods and Skill Promotion: Conduct skill development and training programs for communities, to foster improvement in their indigenous knowledge, through value addition, to diversify their income opportunities.
  • Gender Equality: Develop rural livelihood projects, which are focused on engagement of women self-help groups, by providing them, vocational skills training and hands-on education, about sanitation, health and nutrition.
  • Smart Agriculture: This program focuses on interventions, related to agriculture, horticulture and livestock management, in rural areas, to enable, those affected, for climate resilient agriculture. The interventions, would broadly focus on effective irrigation systems, selection of lower cost inputs, increase in per capita output, convergence possibilities, under various government schemes, organic agriculture options, and an improvement in food and nutritional security at household levels.

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