Renewable Feasibility

Our studies, provide an understanding, of which renewable technologies, would be suitable for the site(s). We also emphasize, on how that prospect can be developed, into an experience.

Our Services

  • Desktop Renewable Feasibility Study (off-site investigation and study using electronic information to create a top-level renewable energy opportunity evaluation)
  • Renewable Feasibility Study (on-site investigation and study providing a detailed renewable energy opportunity evaluation)

Feasibility process, consisting of two stages, the initial feasibility and full feasibility study would be done. The key points of the processes are detailed below.

Initial feasibility study:

  • Natural resource assessment (wind, solar etc.)
  • Site visit
  • Initial analysis of technical and planning constraints
  • Initial analysis of environmental constraints
  • Identification of suitable technology/technologies
  • Initial financial modelling
  • Guidance, support and suggestion of actions on major risks

Full feasibility study:

  • Initial discussion and analysis with the client, on the process of full practicability studies
  • Regular updates on the advancement, at every stage
  • A thorough site visit
  • Monitoring of the site natural resources (if applicable)
  • Examination of technical and planning limitations
  • Consultation with the applicable and relevant stakeholders
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Financial modelling

Being an independent consultancy, we will be connected, with the client, right from the initial stage of defining the concept, to the selection of a contractor. Depending on the scale of the project, we also provide project management services. The clieny will be appointed an account manager, during the commencement of the entire study. This ensures greater clarity and definite success of the project.

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