Sustainable Supply Chain Management

When dealing with all types of customers, investors or stakeholders, it is a common tradition for most companies to demonstrate, that they are part, of a sustainable supply chain. We understand, that it is not enough, to manage the operations, in an ecologically and socially responsible way---we achieve this by considering the supply chains.

Our Services:

Our team can help a client, evaluate its suppliers, on standard sustainability parameters. This will include:

  • Supply Chain Traceability
    Where are the materials coming from?
    We can evaluate suppliers, and study, with respect to what is involved, in the making of their materials, which later, becomes a part of the product or supply chain. Sustainable supply chain management, means looking at it all, as materials, with the kind of "ingredients", the products or services are using.
  • Supply Chain Management System
    How does a clients’ process stack up?
    Our team will benchmark a supplier’s current environmental performance footprint, and suggest ways to reduce it. The efficiency of the facility, can directly affect ones standing, and in their future interest, in doing business with the client.
  • Sustainability
    How do you confirm your sustainability commitment?
    If you are thinking of committing to sustainability, by acquiring a sustainability certification, or an ISO 14001 environmental management system, our experts can provide services to bring your facility to the next level, through various sequences, such as environmental programs and sustainability certifications. The final goal of a more sustainable and profitable business is thus achieved definitely.
    Are you communicating your commitment to others clearly and efficiently?
    The question remains---Though you are managing your transparent and credible sustainability reporting systems, are you able to communicate, your commitment to the environment, as well as profitable business practices, to your customers, investors and stakeholders, effectively? Have you thought of getting additional benefit with your products tagged, to standard environmental product declarations? We would help you to see the goals and your business risks, related to sustainability issues and to become more efficient and profitable, above the competition.

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