Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Proofing

Climatic change is likely to have a significant impact on biodiversity. It comprises of the impact, on ecosystems, species, genetic diversity within species, and ecological interactions. The distribution, composition, structure and function of ecosystems, are starting to respond, to changes in temperature, precipitation and increased carbon dioxide levels. There is an ever-increasing body of evidence demonstrating this. While the changes have already been observed, there still is a significant level of uncertainty, regarding, how exactly ecosystems will react, to a projected climate change. Natural variability, makes it difficult to predict how biodiversity will be affected, on the whole, as well as at the individual species level. Under this segment, an attempt will be made, to understand, whether species and ecosystems of the biodiversity spots, will be able to adapt, in situ, or migrate, according to the predicted rate of change.

Our Services

  • Climate change vulnerability assessment of biodiversity areas/protected areas
  • Delineate adaptation options and strategies for agriculture/plantations, forest and terrestrial ecosystem
  • Study climate change impacts and adaptation possibilities of indigenous or forest based communities
  • Study business risks, related to predicted climate change

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