About Everain Global Services

The critical challenge of climatic change, calls for an extraordinary vision: in governance, leadership and wisdom, throughout the world. The ever-expanding urbanization, with the accelerated pace of development, exerts pressure, on our ecology and biodiversity. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, the cumulative action of Greenhouse gases (GHGs), has impacted our earths’ ecosystem, with an unexpected rise in global average temperature, leading to accelerated polar ice melting, and enhanced sea level rising. Global warming threatens the Small Island Developing States and habitations, and alongside, the coastal areas. The consciousness has come through, in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is waiting to be full-fledged and ready to be introduced, as a binding agreement, from 2020. Accordingly, we need to call on stakeholders and companies to work, on an integrated sustainable ecosystem management, to enable the gross benefit, to be shared, to bridge the socio-economic gap, generating employment, for diverse livelihood alternatives.

Everain Global Services is set up to assist, on a wide spectrum, and provide expert consultation services, in coherence, with the characterization, assessment, quantification and management of risk and opportunities, and alongside develop, a sustainable business relationship, with the natural environment, for a climate resilient ecosystem, for large scale public and private enterprises.

Everain Global Service offers, advanced technical and policy expertise, with respect to handling and conducting business operations, for clients from different public & private enterprises.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We at Everain, are powered by a driving force, that believes, in serving business and communities better, worldwide, with our commitment to growth, innovation, ethics, and technical excellence.

Our Mission

To deliver highly professional business service to our clients, with our responsiveness, innovation and lasting trusted service partnership.

Our Values

To provide high service excellence to clients

We embrace continual improvement and positive change, through ongoing quality review, of our work process. This enables us to meet our clients’ requirement for service, high quality, innovative and technically sound basis, right from the start.

Research and Innovation

We conduct market research study, trend analysis, and ascertain, emerging best practices in the industries, we serve. Our white papers continuously update clients, concisely, with respect to current market developments and challenges. Our team’s expertise, helps clients, achieve their goals and spearhead competition.

Defined by people

The high quality commitment to our clients, requires, that our dedicated staff give full time, zest and attention. To realize this, we provide our employees, a rewarding, ethical work environment---an atmosphere of trust! We pick up people with exceptional ability and provide them, the right capacity built-up tools training, to enable them to perform their duties and ensure they achieve their full potential. We have set up an ‘Idea-box’ is our internal reward program, that brings innovating, unique, out of the box ideas, to our attention, from all sections of the office. We also promote diversity in all forms, and the principle of equal employment.


Be it general or vital, the security of your data, is a major concern of our Company. The client must note that the moment we begin our conversation, with them, their information is held and executed, under our non-disclosure agreement, which is strongly followed, at each level of the Company. We exercise care and judgment, in handling confidential business information and data. 


Our operations follow, the most sustainable path. Significant steps are taken, to minimize, our ecological and carbon footprints, while serving our client, with unmatched quality. You will find us innovative, in the way we operate, run our non-traditional offices, design our stationary, plan our events, even travel etc.

Ethical Business Practices

At Everain, we believe in ethics---honesty and integrity are our business hallmarks! We only provide services, we are qualified to provide, in return, for fair compensation. We always alert our client, in case of any conflict of interests, and exercise care and diligence, in handling confidential business input. 

Our Social Commitment

We believe in ethics and morality, and are sensitive to cultural, social, financial and environmental issues around the globe. We strive to uphold our social responsibility and help individuals, organizations and governments, to create a positive impact on society, ensuring bottom-line development. We, thus welcome, dedicated and loyal organizations, to join up with us, in this endeavor, and together, we would make this world better.

Why this logo?

Everain Global Services is committed to bring sustainability as the core in all business decisions and our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. The roots of the company is embedded is this logo which is a real picture taken in a remote village in northeast India.