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Green Saver and Welfare Society

A youth-oriented organization, it operates to bring about environmental consciousness, to stimulate and promote youth-participation, towards, being Earth Warriors. Environmental awareness, basically means a behavioral change, oriented towards environment conservation. It is a research based organization, that coalesces, environmental science and law, to formulate a sustainable and long-lasting solution, to environmental problems. Each and every project, involves a proper and an in-depth study of the particular issue at hand, by an advisory team, that includes field experts.

The Organization figures out innovative and
technology based solutions, concerning air, water and soil, and provides a platform, to the youth, to participate in public issues. It believes that the young blood, has positivity, and their ideas are fresh and pragmatic; these ideas are not executed due to the lack of support, unity and an appropriate platform—the intention is to provide that platform to all those concerned.